For the Future #2: Veganism- The possibly easiest Form of Political Participation

The ethical arguments for veganism are obvious. Therefore, in this post, I consider the potential of veganism. It may seem like a mere dietary choice but it can make a major difference.

Bonus: My Formats and Plans for the Future

This is a small update on my content. The following are some of the formats you can expect on this blog. I have loads of ideas and lots of things that I want to address and these are only some of the topics that I would like to talk about. This should give you aContinue reading “Bonus: My Formats and Plans for the Future”

For the Future #0: How Cookies Kill Apes and how to avoid it

Who really pays the price of palm oil? The destruction of the natural habitats of Orangutans by the palm oil industry is frequently discussed in the media. However, you rarely see what this really means for the animals. The video above clearly shows the consequences of our palm oil consumption for the endangered apes. TheContinue reading “For the Future #0: How Cookies Kill Apes and how to avoid it”

What’s sovlpvnk about?

Sovlpvnk is my personal blog about everything that I am interested in. There are two topics that I will mainly discuss on this blog: sustainability and the alternative music scene. I will publish one post every couple of weeks, in which I will talk about either veganism or the music that I am interested in,Continue reading “What’s sovlpvnk about?”