On this blog, you can find formats all about representation. In Zooming In, I consider all sorts of political topics as they are presented in music, film and media in general. Ace-Rep revolves around asexuality, aromanticism and their depiction in media. And Reviews and More … is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? There you can find anything outside of these categories.

I mainly discuss LGBTQIAP+ representation and politics in music and other media but occasionally, I also review music, books, games, all sorts of stuff, essentially. Finally, as the cherry on top, I throw in some interviews with artists and activists. Mix it all up with some political commentary and that’s sovlpvnk. Expect content in both, English and German. On my letterboxd account, you can also find film reviews of anything I watch, so check that out as well.

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Interview #5: Papertones (deutsche Version)

Zum Anlass ihrer ersten EP “Blueprint” sprach die Indie Rock und -Pop Gruppe Papertones mit mir über ihre Entstehungsgeschichte, sowie ihren Schaffensprozess, die Musik selbst und vieles mehr.

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